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Paper Doll Scissor Fight is a tightrope act. High above the crowd and sweating under the heat of the spotlights. On one end of the balancing pole is the sweet and the sultry. Pretty melodies that lull the spectators to a sense of calm. They smile down below and sway gently in rhythm with the tight rope as it dances under light steps. The other end is dark and harsh. It dips heavy with the ever-present threat of a misstep that would result in the crowd screaming as a blur streaks towards the hard ground. The debut EP represents this balance perfectly.

The rhythm section for the group is strong. Holding it all down is Cyndi Stinson on drums. Her nuanced rhythms are complemented by the melodic upright bass playing of Mark Karapondo. His occasional growl and harsh string pop lend nicely to an organic feel to the music. Derek Stinson provides the only guitar. His playing alternates between sparse ethereal picking patterns and full on hard cat yowling riffs. These three together provide a heavier foundation than you would expect from an acoustic act. Lightening up the sound a bit is Ben Isaacs on ukulele. His deliberate style adds needed highlights to the musical tones. That leaves just one more person to fill out the roster, Sara Tripp. She is the perfect voice to layer on all of this. From the coy and wistful undertones of her voice on “seed the clouds” to the authoritative and somewhat menacing sound she delivers on “burn”. Even with the dark message of the lyrics, you can't help but smile as you listen.

It's apparent from the first song that these guys do their own thing, and they do it well. They feel zero need to conform to standards and write only about what they want to write about. Period. Everything from space rockets to gravestones and monsters in love. They'll walk you up there onto that tightrope with them, hand in hand. They'll lead you out onto that thin rope, then plant the seed that you're on the edge and about to plummet, then disappear. Enjoy.

Want to catch us live?
Our debut release is out in the wilds.